2018 – 2019 Classes Are Cancelled – Here is Why!

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As Cindy and I have been traveling the West Coast, we have extended our trip and will not be returning to Kerrville until late September (or even early October). We have only a handful of applications and we have returned all deposits and fess to all that applied. We are sorry, but as we have traveled, the Holy Spirit has been birthing new and amazing things that will benefit the school in the long run.

What has been exciting to see out west is the movement of His people towards recognizing their sphere of influence – church, media, education, etc., and watching them get fired up to bring a message into their area of influence that we believe will start sparks that will eventually turn into flames of reformation across this great country. We have always taught about the next great move of God coming from outside the church and we are seeing followers of Christ in the marketplace getting people together like never before.

Cindy and I were talking to some dear friends in Southern California about some of our dreams and Holy Spirit moments when we all realized that often when we speak of the craziness of the 1990’s and all of the things we were connected (Toronto Blessing/Colorado Springs House of Prayer/Kansas City IHOP) to audiences today they have no grid for what we are talking about! We realize that they have never experienced such a great outpouring of the Spirit – it was like us being taught about Azusa or other revival movements in the early 1900’s. We realized that we are a remnant people – a group that experienced such a strong move of the Holy Spirit that to even try to describe it these days needs tempering or folks think we are crazy. BUT, we see something coming, something BIG in the Spirit and we are feeling the need to talk about what we went through in the 1990’s as we encountered a powerful and totally loving God!

So, we ask for your prayers for downloads of how we can capture the history of us – remnants of a past revival – and teach in a way that will inspire leaders, not just in the church, but at the top of every sphere of influence so that the coming reformation and realignment of believing people can be successful!

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