“I spent the entire evening on September 13th in the Emergency Room with the worst headache I’ve ever had. I have been blessed with excellent health, and have had very few headaches. This particular headache was so severe I couldn’t stand up, and my wife urged me to seek treatment.

Six hours later, and after numerous tests had been run, the physician had no idea what to do for me, or what had caused the pain. The headache caused such tightness in my neck and sharp pain that I was unable to do anything but lie in bed for most of the next three days. Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ prayed with me through those days, and though the pain would momentarily subside, it never totally disappeared, soon returning with a vengeance. The pain was unlike anything I have experienced before, and after 3 ½ days it was no better.

My wife, Marcelle, started browsing the Bethel Church site, and on this visit, she spotted a link to iBetheltv. We opened an account, browsed recordings and settled in to watch ‘First Things First’ by Bill Johnson. Bill asked all people who suffer from migraines to stand for prayer, and the others to pray for them. I was currently enduring a painful migraine, and Marcelle has a history of migraines. We stood together and prayed for each other, with Bill. Following the prayer, I started to stretch and move around, discovering the pain and dizziness from my neck and head was gone.

I have done jumping jacks, run down the hall and rejoiced. The only trace left of the headaches was the sensation that my ears were stopped up. I put my fingers over my ears and commanded the stoppage to be cleared in Jesus name. My ears were cleared. All signs of my headache and associated pain are gone. Praise God I feel wonderful and all the glory is His!”

Miles Scanland

Personal Testimony

“The Revivalist School of Ministry has helped me become aware of the presence of God. I used to not “feel” or “experience” God and thought it was just for some people, but now I know it was a lie. I can feel or hear God anytime, any place.

”Just one week after being commissioned I got the opportunity to participate in the prayer tent at Rock The Desert and saw people saved, healed and delivered! Im so amazed at how prepared I was from RSM!”

Aubrey Cavazos

Personal Testimony

“The Revivalist School of Ministry is a miracle sent from the Lord, the curriculum is so founded in kingdom teaching that whoever came to the school would benefit without fail, cause the Kingdom of God is for everybody. Jesus prayed in Matthew 6:10 ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Jesus came to infiltrate this world with His Kingdom. I feel like I’m being found all over again, the experience activates the things you know-not of, ‘But as it is written: eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him’ (1 Corinthians 2:9) There are kingdom things that God wants you to experience that you know-not of. Thank you Lord for this school.

“In January, when Revivalist School Of Minstry first started, in one of the first classes, The Lord Healed my R- Knee, I was unable to jog on it at all, and in class while watches one of the DVD’S, I heard my knee pop, I didn’t think nothing about it at first, till the next day, I thought I would go for a walk sence I couldn’t jog without limping, I felt The Lord impress in my spirit to go ahead and run- and put pressure while you run, so I took off running and was totally excited that I could run again. Thank You Lord. Revivalist School Of Minstry Rocks”

Mario Molina

Personal Testimony

“RSM has shown me a lot about myself and who God is. Before I had issues with depression and self worth, the school showed me, and helped me work through those issues to be set free in Christ. I have a better understanding of who I am, who God is and who He created me to be.”

Andrew Myers

Personal Testimony

“I think the most life changing thing for me this year would have to be the book and teaching by Kris Vallotton on the Supernatural Ways of Royalty. Most of us don’t believe we have potential, gifts, talents and abilities until someone else calls it out in us. ’We have lost ourselves in the garbage of our lives. We the church are commissioned to develop a princely, prophetic culture that causes peoples destinies to be revealed. People will then be changed back into the people they were designed to be when God conceived them.’ (Supernatural Ways of Royalty pg. 80)

We have been called to develop a culture of Royalty in the church, that may be accomplished by prophetec words to grant us the grace to come into all that God has for us. We will create a culture where prophetic destiny can be cultivated in and through us. This generation must rise up and become the army of the last days, free of mediocrity and passivity. Who will stand up with us and be changed into the man or woman that you were created to be? Who will commit your life to creating that culture all around you?

Let us move from a culture that is trying to survive in a depressed economy, to a united culture of grace, kindness, encouragement that places a high value on empowering every person around us by the prophetic expectation of greatness in them and the raw power of God’s transforming revelation.”

Rex VanDiver

Personal Testimony

“Just before the Thanksgiving holiday my family that has been very distant was heavy on my heart. I prayed about communicating once again, not wanting to set myself up for any more rejection and felt it would be ok. So I emailed my dad and my sister, just a simple message for the holiday season and that I missed them.

With in a day I received a message back from both with a simple hello and well wishes for the season. My sister even wrote that she had been thinking and praying for me. WOW and praise the Lord were the first things out of my mouth.

My family has been very distant due to my walk with the Lord, I have and continue to pray for my family and want restoration for my entire family. Continued prayers and faith will bring this to be some day…in God’s timing. All praise and glory goes to the Lord!!!”

Teresa Fahey

Personal Testimony

“I have to report this healing – it was a healing via cellphone! Stephen Cavazos called me at work and said he felt as though the Lord directed him to call me because my left foot hurt and God wanted to heal it! Well I never told anyone that my foot had been sore since I had worn a pair of dress shoes a few weeks earlier – my two outside toes really hurt and I had trouble walking too far without discomfort.

Amazed at his calI, I told Stephen about my foot. He told me to put my cellphone on my foot and he would pray for healing. As silly as it sounds I placed my cell phone on my foot and listened to Stephens prayer on the speaker!

When I had to walk a few blocks after dropping a car off I dreaded the 4 block walk, but you know what? Absolutely NO PAIN and none since!

Stephen thank you for your faithfulness to listening to God and calling me!”

Brian McFaden

Personal Testimony