What Can I Expect From RSM?

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We received this question recently and we have an answer!  RSM believes we all can live an active and consistent revivalist lifestyle.  To do that we need to understand some basic teaching such as:

  • How much God loves us and how He is revealed to us through Jesus
  • God is attracted to situations where we walk boldly in faith, demonstrating His Kingdom through our actions
  • Understanding our identity as both citizens of earth and citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven
  • How to effectively walk out a lifestyle of revival – where you seem to encounter signs, wonders, and miracles frequently
  • How your presence in a group setting can actually change the environment
  • Understanding the power available as we grasp the meaning of Christ in us

We also would hope that attendees of the Revivalist School would expect more of God and more of themselves as they strengthen their identity in Christ.  You will learn about recognizing what God is doing in a given situation and willingly join with Him in that circumstance to draw attention to the wonders of our God.  Last, we believe you will understand the depth of God’s love for you and that understanding that better will cause you to be changed from the inside out.

My favorite testimony from some past students is how they go to Walmart every week to pray for people.  They first meet together as a team and pray, careful to listen for the things God wants to do – sometimes they get visions of a face, a shirt, a missing tooth in a smile, tears, and colors.  They then head to Walmart to look for the things they saw in prayer.  We call these adventures treasure hunts.  God has chosen some treasures He wants these past students of RSM to pray for on their outing.  The stories of healing (physical, spiritual and emotional) are their joy and they love to share these stories with others each week!  Now what will surprise most people is the fact that these past students are women over sixty years of age and one is over 90 years old!  What drives them to consistently live the revivalist lifestyle?  Enroll in RSM and find out!

Pastor Brian

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