Who Are You and Why Are You Doing This?

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A group of us were at Walmart praying for people and blessing them with a Walmart gift cards as part of an outreach for Christmas. There were about 10 of us armed with about $1,500 in gift cards and we were on a treasure hunt. Have you ever done a treasure hunt?

Here is how we do treasure hunts at the Revivalist School. We will gather, pray and write down the impressions we see in the Spirit – as detailed as we can. That day one person wrote down that they saw a woman in a red blouse, with a missing button, and a flower tattoo on her neck. I wrote that I had seen a rough man, tattoos all over his body, and a mustache that did not look right. Each of us were armed with multiple impressions and off we went into Walmart to find these “treasures” and pray for them and then bless them with a gift card. One of my “treasures”, the man I just described, was found in the women’s clothing department. As I approached this man he looked at me with very sad eyes, his mustache had a large chunk missing due to a scar being on his lip, and the tattoos covered every visible part of his body – and I said to him: “God has sent me to pray for you – is it OK if I just pray for you right here, right now?”

Then the question came – “Who are you and why are you doing this?” Before I could answer, my treasure starts telling me that he asked God for help just an hour before – he had no money. He decided that he was going to steal some things from Walmart for his wife so she would have a present on Christmas. He said he was about to shove some clothing into his pants just as I was approaching him! He gave me permission to pray for him. As I prayed I heard his question again in my thoughts – the Holy Spirit wanted me to tell him who I was and why I was there praying for people. So, I told him that I had prayed and saw him – describing what I wrote about him and that God led me right to him as an answer to his prayer. I explained to him that God loved him so much that he knew you needed someone to come over and show His love and care. I finished my prayer and told him that I had a $100 gift card for him too. He started to cry and he said: “Thank you Lord – you do love me”.

Revivalist School students and past students go out into the community often for treasure hunts. Who are we? Just people that care about people enough to boldly proclaim God’s love. Why do we do it? Because we know how much God loves us and we want those that don’t know His love to find it. I urge all of you that read this – don’t wait for a holiday or special occasion to do a treasure hunt – make it a part of your routine and see revival break out in your community!

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