About RSM

School of Ministry

Have you ever wanted to do things that truly create an IMPACT? What has been holding you back from doing it?

For most of us it is the lack of opportunity! Our lives have been fairly sheltered and we have grown comfortable with entertaining the normal and thinking we are having fun.

NOW is the TIME to seize an OPPORTUNITY and JOIN the MOVEMENT!

This movement is all about bringing the Kingdom of God into the current reality of life. Is that IMPOSSIBLE? NO – YOU CAN DO IT!

At the Revivalist School of Ministry (RSM), we are all about LIVING as a REVIVALIST and learning to walk in an absolute SUPERNATURAL LIFESTYLE! Think about it! You’re walking in the streets of a city and signs and wonders begin to follow you…at WalMart, an Amusement Park, your neighborhood, your work place! YES, this does happen and you can participate with GOD in making it happen.

The BEST PART – you are present with Him and witnessing everything He does! How many times have you prayed for healing; get ready to do it as a lifestyle. How many times have you encouraged friends and strangers in their time of need; get ready to make it a lifestyle. How many times have you left your comfortable space and reached out to those in need; get ready to make it a lifestyle. ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE?

RSM starts each fall in October – where we will equip you with the HEART, the TOOLS, the KNOWLEDGE, the WILL, AND THE SPIRIT to BE THE MOVEMENT!

Our curriculum is delivered Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We will also meet on most Sunday evenings for selected classes – these dates will be determined after the school year begins. We use the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Ministry (BSSM) curriculum featuring Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Mark Brookes, Bernie Ooley and others. We also will have guest speakers from all over the country – for example, one year we spent our entire second week of school with Randy Clark. Bill Johnson has also visited RSM and addressed our students in person!

The RSM staff (all who have been through at least year one of the Bethel School Curriculum) will also teach each week. Our Advanced Ministry Training (AMT) will equip you for the mission field, street ministry, inner healing, discipleship, and much more.

Our MISSION TRIPS will be life changing – not only for the people we visit – but YOU WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER!

Isn’t it time for you to change your life, make an impact, and get closer to God….This is the place and THIS IS THE MOVEMENT!

Mission & Vision

The vision of RSM is to challenge, advance, and release believers into the world through teaching, prophecy, and revival. This will be done by teaching the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum, adopting its core values, and expressing the revivalist lifestyle through our individual and corporate destiny.

Revivalist School of Ministry desires to equip, disciple, and deploy students of all ages for the purpose of seeking out the lost and impacting those they encounter for Christ, through a demonstration of God’s love. We desire to raise up and equip the next generation as well as equip and pour into the older generations.

Brian & Cindy McFaden

These two pastors have planted churches in Mariposa, California; Aurora, Colorado; Sonora, California; and Kerrville, Texas where RSM was first hosted in 2010. They have two adult children, Paul and Laura.

Brian and Cindy have served under John and Paula Sanford and are qualified to facilitate the Elijah House School of Prayer Counseling. They are gifted pastors and counselors that have spent the last 28 years counseling church leaders and pastors, advising on church planting, and raising leaders up to serve Christ. They have facilitated both First and Second Year Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) schools via the DVD curriculum.