Revivalists Equipped to Bring Reformation

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Over the years The Revivalist School, though small, has had a major impact on its students and its community. We are looking ahead to 2018 with great anticipation for what God has planned for us and new students for the 2018 school year. We have trained students with a revivalist mindset to be active in their communities to support the coming reformation movement. How do keep ourselves informed and able to press forward – through joining with others that have a similar mindset to impact communities and even rebuild them from the ground up! To stay engaged the school’s leadership will attend the Hub Nation Summit 2018 in Bend. OR in June. Lance Wallnau is the keynote speaker for this event and there is a list of business speakers there to impart their wisdom and Kingdom thinking! The following month we will be in Redding, California to visit Bethel Church and friends there for a few days. We ask for your prayers as we approach a new school year seeking to update our curriculum from the Bethel School, understand how we can better support a new reformation movement, and better equip ourselves with new thinking in our overall student equipping strategy. It is our goal to provide our students with as close of a BSSM experience as we can while recognizing we must stay current and involved in the new reformation movement.

Many people don’t realize that we offer a full school year in at Revivalist School (both !st and 2nd Year BSSM curriculum). We build our class schedule around the BSSM DVD curriculum and we add some Advanced Ministry Training (AMT) classes primarily related to worship, inner healing, and practical bible teachings. We expect our students to step out and serve the community for God, making a positive impact on people and being the best representation of good Kingdom citizens as possible. It is not our goal to control our students, but to teach them and release them to act in a manner that brings honor and glory to the Kingdom!

We hope you are interested in joining with us in prayer and perhaps stepping out and joining our school this year. We are having an extended West Coast visit to find His refreshment, His direction and to learn all we can to build a better Revivalist School program for our new students. We stand in a place of REFORMATION – bringing with us a Spirit of love and hope everywhere we go – just being who we are and acting in total submission to a loving God that desires that we introduce Christ to everyone we meet!

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